It all began about 13 years ago in a kitchen. Sam, a PhD chemist by day, bought himself a homebrew kit and started experimenting. The only rules were to have fun, make something tasty, and clean up afterwards. 

As he got deeper into the hobby, Sam started bringing his brew to social events to share with friends, and soon developed a reputation as an accomplished brewer.

After entering competitions

and collecting some hardware,

friends began to ask Sam when

he would open his own brewery.

Imagination began to take flight.

He shared his idea with friends

Jason and Mike and together

with their families, they decided 

to take the leap.

Wise Man Brewing was born.

Wise Man Brewing Original Logo

Since that moment, the team

has labored hard to bring

the dream to reality.

The first task was finding

a home. They fell in love

with the former Angelo

Brothers building in

Downtown Winston Salem.

The 90-year old structure

had been sitting vacant

for about a decade and

was in dire need of repair. 

Construction began in Oct.

2015 by replacing the roof.

Our quirky home has thrown many challenges at us during the long renovation. Along

the way, we took the time

 and effort to retain the existing character while also breathing 

new life into the space.

After many months of construction,

we finally opened our doors on January 28, 2017.

 As time marches on

and we continue to

grow as a brewery,

the spirit of discovery

& innovation from our homebrewing days

will continue to

resonate in all we do.


We hope that you will join us and share in our story.